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10 LED bulbs (60 lumens at low light, 90 lumens at high light)
Battery: Lithium Polymer
Size: 10cm cube when opened
Weight: 60 grams
Material: TPU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane) recyclable, a thermoplastic with a unique memory for shape retention. Light is more uniform than the SolarPuff
Push button brightness adjustment: 1x for low light, 2x for high light, 3x for flashing or distress setting

Hold the base and rotate the SolarHelix so that it unfolds to its final shape.
Press the power button 1x for dim light, 2x for bright light and 3x to flash.
The SolarHelix will fully charge in 8 hours in direct sunlight and provide 8-12 hours of light (light duration may vary depending on the amount of sunlight). 5 hours of charging in full sunlight = approximately 5-8 hours of light.
SolarHelix folds up by rotating on its base.