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10 LED bulbs (60 lumens at low light, 90 lumens at high light)
Battery: Lithium Polymer
Size: 10cm cube when opened
Weight: 60 grams
Material: Clear PET with white braid, water resistant, recyclable
Brightness adjustment by push button: 1x for low light, 2x for high light, 3x for flashing or distress setting

Hold the base and pull the handle to form a cube shape.
Press the power button 1x for low light, 2x for high light and 3x for flashing.
The Solarpuff will fully charge in 8 hours in direct sunlight and give 8-12 hours of light (light duration may vary depending on the amount of sunlight). 5 hours of charging in full sunlight = about 5-8 hours of light.
To close the lamp: pinch the sides of the cube and pull, the Solarpuff folds into a flat package 2 cm thick.